"I think the audience got a great pleasure from the fine "rubato" in the second movement of the Concerto No.2 by Chopin and the bright virtuosity in "Allegro Vivace" as performed by the young soloist Evgeni Mikhailov."
("The Observer", Sweden, 18.11.1996)

"Perfect in touch, heady by sounding, faultless in piano technique Mikhailov always remains on a service of music. The great event of Musikverein where young pianist presented new caliber of interpretation."
("Kleine Zeitung", Austria, 13.03.1999) >>

"The capital of Mikhailov is incontestable musical talent, musicality, which fills with intensity each instant, and it’s difficult to the audience to resist against its charm."
("Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", Germany, 16.01.2001) >>

"Pianism of E.Mikhailov is absolutely not typical for nowadays predominant sport-virtuoso style. Musician differs from his colleagues – D.Matsuev, N.Lugansky and some others who named now representatives of new age of Russian piano art. Pianist amazes by his feeling, romantic lyricism, together with deep spirit fire and special attitude to originating image. He amazes also by unwillingness to subjugate the audience but influences upon it hypnotic. Softest touch, exact dramaturgic thinking, richest dynamics are undoubted merits of the musician."
("East Express", Russia, 15-21.12.2000)>>

"Evgeni Mikhailov quickly established himself as the front-runner. He began his round with the unusual choice of Rachmaninoff’s etude. Although he was only the third person to perform. As soon as he touched the keyboard one noticed how unusually fine the quality and refinement of his sound was. His chosen sonata was Beethoven op.110, and with this work he showed that he ranked among the competition’s finest musicians. He closed with Rachmaninoff famous B-dur prelude. Although the outer sections were full of virtuosity and bombast, it was the flexible, lyrical middle section that impressed most of all. It was Mikhailov who set himself apart from the rest with his performance of the Beethoven Second for which he received a standing ovation."
("Piano" magazine, England, July-August 2002) >>

"As regards performance of E.Mikhailov, sincerity and immediacy are inspiring in his play before all of them. The Mikhailov’s playing of sonata N 2 and moments musicaux by Rachmaninoff remembered by exact dramaturgic thinking, figurative distinctness, passion and expression of lyric".
("The Culture", Russia, 20-26.02.2003) >>

''Mikhailov presented wide range of his virtuosity without distortion of interpretation’s idea and showed versatile achievement of his early musical maturity as performer. It was accompanied by permanent control of his tools for technique and expression with no obvious efforts but with artist’s spontaneity. Pianist canned reproduces easy but rich inner life of Schubert’s “Moments musicaux” by excited manner; we heard also the filigree and fine quality of Scherzo by Chopin; Mikhailov also canned reproduces anxious life of Scriabin, Medtner and Prokofieff, in that way including his pianistic level in the line of renowned Russian tradition''.
(''La Nacion'', Argentina, 31.08.2007)>>

US 2011 Concert tour, January 15 – March 20, 2011

“Herald Tribune”, January 26 - Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota, Florida: «the impressive technique of Evgeni Mikhailov, soloist in the Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1…his playing was liquid and poetic».

“South Florida Classical Review”, January 21 – Kravis Center, Palm Beach, Florida: «Mikhailov found much to savor in the quiet lyrical moments, but never held back in showing us the bravura that is at the heart of the Concerto (Paderewski op.17 a-moll)…Opole Philharmonic seemed to live and breathe the music with their soloist. With the audience rising to their feet, Mikhailov played Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King as an encore. The arrangement was a real knuckle-breaker, but the pianist managed to find all the energy and style to make it an experience to remember».

“Washington Times”, February 13 - George Mason University's Center for the Arts, Fairfax, Virginia: «Evgeni Mikhailov performed the concerto (Chopin ¹1) expressively and well…he took a Romantic yet fastidious approach to the concerto, which is essentially what’s wanted».

“Classical Voice of North Caroline”, January 10 - Wright Auditorium of North Caroline University, Greenville, North Caroline: «Soloist and orchestra gave a splendid account of the Chopin concerto…Mikhailov played with both fire and delicacy, negotiating the dense note clusters and the runs and arpeggios with equal ease…The second romance movement simply floated off the stage, with lovely and delicate strings behind a soloist playing with great intensity and emotion. Some of Mikhailov's touches sounded as if they were tiny raindrops falling on flower petals».

“Telegram & Gazette Reviewer”, February 18 - Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts: «Mikhailov’s mastery of the piece was evident in his agility in technically demanding parts — the perfectly even scale passages and clearly articulated arpeggios. Far more compelling, however, was his musical artistry, evident in the perfectly shaped phrases, the varied coloristic palette, and the use of rubato, so beloved by Chopin...The performance of the entire concerto was supple, elegant and effortless».